Why Chose Canadian Red Cedar Wood?

 The type of wood you choose for your sauna is heavily dependent on your individual needs, the timber determines both the saunas durability over time, alongside the general aesthetics and the scent inside. The wood on the stove determines the effectiveness of heating due to the density and humidity of the firewood. Therefore, the specific wood used should not be a decision taken lightly, but it should be noted that typically, the higher the standard of wood, the higher the price.


Canadian Red Cedar wood is the ideal choice of timber in our opinion. This is due to the fact that its natural oils have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, resulting in a natural resistance to microbe growth, which is useful over time. Also, the oils in the wood provide an authentic natural scent and the beautiful range of tones ranging from dark cherry to deep red are not to be forgotten. Hence it is used across our entire range of bespoke saunas. Additionally, Cedar wood has a natural resistance to moisture which should not be overlooked.e consider this one of the biggest factors when calling this the best choice, since it means the wood will not expand or contract when the temperature fluctuates, making it more resistant to cracking over thousands of cycles.


 Basswood on the other hand is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with more sensitive skin. It does not emit any fragrances or toxins and is generally safe for those with allergies. It is very affordable and has a softer touch than a lot of other woods due as there are much fewer knots in the grain


However, Pine is one of the worst possible choices for a sauna. Hemlock, Pine and Spruce are commonly used in framing due to its low cost. Although, it does not to last particularly long and often reflects a low quality design due to its tendency to bend and warp. This is most accurately illustrated in an article in sauna cloud:

Pine of any kind is the worst possible choice. This wood is low in strength, overly lightweight, and has poor decay resistance. Pine is also more likely to splinter than many of the other choices and it’s high in resin content, which is liable to irritate your eyes and sinuses during use. Stay away.”


In summary, Canadian Red Cedar wood is the choice for someone who desires the best quality wood for a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing sauna. Basswood is the preferred choice for someone who is more sensitive and requires a sauna with hypoallergenic properties. Hemlock is somewhat good since it is low cost and a relatively clean wood to use, despite the fact it will crack more than others and feel a lot hotter to the touch, due to its hardness, it is most definitely a better choice than pine.

Here at Stunning Saunas we only use Grade A, beautifully clear knot free Canadian red cedar wood. 

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