Tylö’s founder, Sven-Olof Janson, was an electrician whose ingenuity and motivation enabled him to develop smaller and more efficient sauna heaters.

For the last century, Helo, founded in 1919, has taken true traditional nordic sauna experiences to the world. Helo was the first manufacturer of electric sauna heaters.  A true revolutionary innovation.

When you are buying a Tylö sauna heater, you are not just buying a function, you are buying years of development, experience & a relentless strive for perfection. Tylö heaters are masters of providing a range of climate zones and individual sauna experiences.

A Helo sauna heater elevates the daily sauna experience by adding beautiful design and ingenuity to the heater’s functionality. Ingenuity, simplicity and a love for the good life has been the Helo breeding ground for the wide spread reputation of genuine Finnish saunas.


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