Sauna Ventilation Systems Explained

Sauna Ventilation 

Understanding adequate sauna ventilation is key to your sauna experience. The majority of sauna and steam rooms reply on trapped heat to warm you, with the exception of infrared sauna heaters that focus on heating your actual body and not the air around it.  So in general, the rooms that need trapped heat work best when completely sealed. But where does the heat go? How does the air stay fresh and not stale? How will you cool down if you are trapped in an unbearably hot room? And how could the moisture escape so mould would build up when the room is not in use? All these questions are answered in 2 words – adequate ventilation. 


Adding ventilation to your sauna can be as simple as leaving a gap in the door of around 2-3cm.  Stunning Saunas™ put a ventilation system in all or our sauna rooms.  They located on a back wall. It works by skimming off the hot air that rises up to the ceiling.  All our fans have an adjustable speed which is super important in the process of maintaining the temperature of your sauna. If it fan is too high…your sauna won’t be hot, if its too slow, it will be too hot and uncomfortable. 

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