Maintaining Your Sauna

Sauna Maintenance 

Looking after your new home sauna is super easy and very simple. 

Depending on the type of sauna you have purchased from us depends on what daily, weekly or monthly duties you need to do. 

Barrel and outdoor saunas need extra loving care due to being exposed to the elements. 

Barrel & outdoor saunas love and attention.

Exterior – You want to keep the wood on your barrel or outdoor sauna looking pretty damn cool. You haven’t invested in your new lifestyle addition to now let it go brown an off colour due to being exposed to the elements. 

Heres what you do:-

  • Apply a low pressure wash monthly.  Just spray the sauna with your garden hose when you’re watering the garden. 
  • Apply a wood stain.  A UV resistant wood stain after building your sauna kit is best.
  • Never use varnish or paint!
  • Keep an eye on how your sauna is looking in 3 months time.  You may want to apply another coat of wood stain if your sauna is right under the sunlight. 


  • Never ever treat the interior with any wood stain
  • Turn buckets inside down to drain 
  • Sweep the interior monthly. Especially if you run between your sauna, pool, garden, shower and back to sauna during your summer sauna fun time. 
  • Use a mild solution of baking soda and water and wipe over the seating areas.

Building your outdoor sauna 

  • Make sure you put your bands nice and tight across the barrel so that you have minimal water seepage from the rain.  Some water may still get in, and thats fine.  


When you purchase your sauna from Stunning Saunas  your kit will include a full range of accessories.  If you need to add to your collection or renew anything just give us a call or take a look here at our accessories page. 

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