Sauna Health Benefits

Sauna Benefits 

The benefits of the sauna are outstanding.  You get to experience both dry and wet heat and the sauna is the only bathing treatment you will find that has both dry and wet air present at the same time. The temperature inside reaches around 180F and the humidity get to approximately 25%.  This creates the perfect environment for the body to sweat.  


The Human Body 

Sweating is super healthy for the body.  It is the body’s way of releasing toxins, poisons , grime and dirt from the body.  Sweating is also the body’s natural cleanser. The body is a fascinating thing and if treated with love nd care it will find its own way of healing itself naturally.  The skin is actually an organ and is infact the largest organ in the human body. It has the ability to heel, stretch, protect and so much more. 

The science bit – Functions of the skin

Sensation – Nerve endings for hot, cold, soft, hard, 
Heat regulation – Eg, the hairs on your arm stand strong to trap in heat when you feel cold. Sweat is produced to cool or clean the skin. 
Absorption – Of anything on or around the skin.  
Protection – From external factors harming our internal body. 
Excretion – Sweat is excreted
Secretion – Sebum (oil) is secreted to lubricate the skinIn a sauna session, the pores of the skin open due to the heat. Once opened, dirt and toxins are released.  If you take a sauna on a regular basis, you can see how this toxin build up would be limited over time due to toxins being released more regularly. This eventually leads to a clearer, cleaner fresher skin and body. Even nicotine and alcohol are released through the pores. 


Health Benefits 

Soothing and relaxing – Improve your range in motion of bones and muscles after the gym.  Soothe tired aching muscles. Relax and destress. 

Relieves mental fatigue – Your mind and body worries float away and a wonderful sense of wellbeing is formed.

Removes tension –Increased energy, relaxes muscles, soothes the mind and leads to better sleep. 

Cardiovascular work out – Research proves that saunas help the heart.  Blood vessels are dilated, blood flows freely, vessels become more flexible. Increased heart rate demands more oxygen leading to burnt calories. Increased metabolism and increased circulation. 

Increases resistance to illness – Tests carried out by The Finnish Medical Society, Duodecim, have concluded that regular sauna goers have 30% less chance of getting a cold.  The heat of the sauna tricks the body into an artificial fever state (hyperthermia).  When the body goes into ‘fever’ mode, it means it is healing itself.  This stimulating of the immune system leads to increased white blood cell and antibody production. 

1 session can burn up to 300 calories – We do not advocate use a sauna as a weight loss program.  Weight dropped in the sauna is mainly water weight.  However, combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, the sauna is a fabulous aid to weight loss.

Clear Skin – While taking a Sauna, blood flow to the skin increases to as high as 50-70% of your cardiac output (normal is 5-10%). Sauna heat relaxes facial tension, skin pores are opened, and heat stimulates the epidermal layers which will increase circulation. Vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels) brings essential fluids and nutrients to the surface, stimulating collagen production to maintain skin elasticity and a wrinkle-free complexion.

Toss Out Those Toxins – Detox the mind, body and soul through mental relaxation, pore opening toxin release and a general feel good factor. 


Natural medication 

During a sauna the body’s natural painkillers, beta-endorphins and norepinephrines, are released to provide a feeling much like the high feeling after a hard work out at the gym.

A sauna session is also like a mild workout for the heart.  This is because the circulation is increased along with your pulse.  So its kind of like a mild heart workout. One extra added benefit – calories are burnt too! 

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