Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can.  You can use the sauna daily without any risk. We recommend 15 – minutes each day.  Just make sure you stay hydrated!

The word “Sauna’ refers to a room that is heated with dry heat between the temperatures of 70- 100 degrees Celsius or 158 – 212 Fahrenheit. 

Each type of sauna has its own specific benefits as well as shared benefits.

Traditional saunas create a humid environment.  Prefect for certain types of health concerns that infrared saunas can’t compete with.

Better respiration – blocked noses and passage ways are relieved and opened by the hot moist air.  Unlike infrared heat, which emits heat directly on the body, the steam from the traditional sauna can be inhaled directly to help loosen up lungs.

Infrared saunas emit heat waves that penetrate deeper into the body at a lower temperature than the traditional saunas.  So, if you’re a person who finds the traditional saunas too hot, then the infrared sauna is for you.  Because the rays can get deeper into the skin, infrared saunas make you sweat much more so is great for weight loss, cellulite.

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Thats easy…we have a complete list of our favourite sauna must haves here 

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Your Stunning Sauna™ will heat to a temperature of 70 – 100°C (158-212°F) within 30-60 minutes. 

We recommend you dress as nature intended with just a towel to sit or lie on. However,  if you’re not comfortable being naked, any swim wear is perfectly acceptable. 

All Stunning Saunas™ have a built in ventilation system for the air to circulate feeling and ensure a good sauna experience. Learn more here 

An infrared (IR) sauna costs very little to run.  

Your sauna will take 10 minutes to heat up, even though many people go inside as soon as they switch it on, but lets say 10 minutes to get up to full temperature of 43 – 66°c (110-115°F).  Then lets say you spend 20 minutes.   Thats 30 minutes use of electricity 

The average 2 person IR sauna runs on 6kw of power.  The average price per KW of energy in the UK is 13p. 

We can use this formula: 6kw x £0.13 x 0.5 hrs = £0.39p 

So the cost of running the sauna is:

£0.39 pence per 30 minute session 

£0.78 pence per 1 hour session 

If you use your sauna daily for 30 minutes per day then the monthly running cost would be £11.70per month

Yes we do. Please contact us to book your viewing appointment.