Best Sauna Accessories

Best Sauna Accessories 

You’ve spent time researching, searching and designing your favourite home accessory – your new home sauna, now how best should you accessorise the sauna itself? 


Here are our top ten favourite sauna accessories. 

10.  Guided meditation or music. 

9.  Wash mitt/Body Brush 

8.  Aromatherapy oils 

7.  Hand weights 

6.  Back rest 

5.  Seat cushions

4.  Himalayan salt block 

3. LCD monitor 

2.  Colour therapy/ chromotherapy.

1.  Sound system

Sound System 

This simply has to be our number 1 accessory.  A high quality music system can do two things – 

Pump music for your sauna party or play soothing gentle lullabies to calm and relax you.  Even you iPhone can help you out here if you don’t want to invest in an inbuilt sound system. Just a good pair of wireless bluetooth speakers connected to your iphone will change your entire sauna session. 

Himalayan Rock salt

This instantly creates a detoxifying environment in your sauna.  Warm himalayan rock salt gives off negative ions that assist the aiding better sleep, relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety and simply calms your entire mind, body and spirt. 

Colour Therapy 

Colour therapy or Chromotherapy is the science of using colour to adjust the body’s vibrations. Each colour projects a different frequency and targets its own areas of the body. 

Red – Improves circulation problems and increases cell turnover. 

Pink – Cleanses the blood and strengthens arteries to help detoxify the body and eliminate waste. 

Yellow – Got any blemishes or problematic skin?  Yellow light purifies the skin, improves digestion and improves metabolism 

Orange – Fabulous for weight loss. Helps with cellulite and eliminates fat waste.

Blue – Great to post workout as it lubricates joints, relieves headaches, stomach pains, muscle cramps 

Green – Is calming but also promotes antiseptic and ant infectious properties to the body and skin so will improve illness.

Indigo – Calming, sedative, improves ear, nose and throat problems and is also meditative. 

Still can’t decide on what to add to your stunning sauna?  Call us or see the range of our accessories here 

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