Barrel Saunas 

Our Barrel Saunas Can Be Made Into DIY Barrel Sauna Kits Or We Can Build & Install For You 

Stunning Saunas™ signature high quality barrel saunas are inspired by the mountains of Finland.   They are a product of true quality & distinction made from the finest soft woods hand picked by our team of wood experts. The traditional cabin style barrel saunas are extremely economical as the shape allows for heat to be produced quickly and efficiently.

Ask us about our bespoke sauna design service for a unique barrel sauna that blends in with your garden.   

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Stunning Knotless Red Cedar Wood 

We only create barrel saunas made from the finest clear knot free Canadian red cedar wood.  Our barrel saunas are for those seeking a traditional sauna of true quality and distinction. 

Barrel Sauna Dimensions

Our barrel saunas come in range of standard lengths.

You then need to decide on the diameter.  You have 2 optional choices.

 1.8m diameter

 2.1m diameter 

Want another length thats is not shown above then just ask us! Here are Stunning Saunas we design & build our barrel saunas from our Berkshire workshop.  This allows you the freedom to choose a size that will fit your outdoor space.

Traditional Wood Burning Stoves With Chimney 

No Electricity Needed.  A Truly Authentic Sauna Experience. 

We are official UK partners of Harvia Finland. Since 1950, Harvia have been Finland’s most trusted heater brand. Our barrel saunas are supplied with a stylish traditional stainless steel wood burning stove & chimney that requires no electricity for that unique & truly authentic sauna experience. The wood stove will easily raise the temperature inside the sauna between 80 – 100 degrees or more. 

Electric Sauna Stove Ovens

For The Modern Experience

Alternatively,  you can choose between 4.5kw, 6kw, 8kw or a 9kw electric stove oven for single phase electrics.  If you have 3 phase then we are happy to supply you with a higher output. If you prefer a more modern approach we can fit your barrel sauna with a ceramic infrared heater. As well are being an official Harvia UK dealer, we are an authorised dealer for Tylo Helo meaning you do have the option to upgrade you heater to the prestigious Tylo Helo brand.  All heaters are stainless steel electric heaters reach 100 degrees or more in under an hour. You can create a dry or wet heat with your sauna. To change your dry heat to wet heat simply add water to the stones from your bucket & ladel provide by us in your accessories kit.

Add A Panoramic View Window 

A Panoramic View Window Added To Your Sauna Creates A Whole New experience.  View The Outdoors Whilst Relaxing In Your Sauna 

A Choice Of Roof Shingle Options Included